2016 Be Bold Conference Volunteers, please note:

If you are scheduled for registration, set up, or classroom assistants, you will need to arrive at 8a for a volunteer training. 

Parking is free at Transylvania University, but the best place to park is here on this map:



More about the Volunteer Roles / Descriptions:


1. Set Up volunteers prepare classrooms, snacks, and signage from 8 to 11:30 AM.
2.  Registration Table shifts are from 8 to 11AM. Volunteers welcome participants, distributes t-shirts and ensures other drop-off logistics run smoothly.
3. ** Runners / Logistical help is an incredibly important role throughout the day.  Shifts vary throughout the day and are typically 3-4 hours long. These volunteers help ensure the work shop runs smoothly, assisting with various tasks such as lunch, helping speakers set up properly in the rooms, unloading equipment, and giving breaks to Classroom Assistants.
4. ** Classroom Assistants: will be assigned 2 per concentration Track.  They will work directly with participants, help administer a pre/post survey, and help speakers lead the girls through the agenda for the day.  9AM to 5PM
5. Clean Up Crew is needed from 4:30PM to 6PM to help tear down the event and coordinate with parent pickup.

** Runners and Classroom Assistants are required to submit a criminal background check from the state of Kentucky

Send a PDF copy to beboldlex@gmail.com no later than 9/23/16

Must be issued in the state of Kentucky within the last 2 years. If you already (or plan to) volunteer with the Fayette County Public School system, you can request a background check at no cost from https://webapps.fcps.net/volunteer/